Pakistan is a land of traditions, hospitality & love. Lahore is the loving center of Pakistan; a center of delicious food, sweets and bakery. “Sheereen Mahal” was a name of Sweetness for years & years in the country. It was from the founders in bakery & sweets in subcontinent region. Continuous hardworking accompanied with innovation remains vital for baking companies to address the need of consumers for variety, which can be more pronounced in packaged food. So, the new generation has given “Sheereen Mahal” a new name of “Malmo Bakers & Sweets”. Malmo is a spreading brand of Lahore. We are creating something healthier or something better tasting. We are not limited to the traditional pastries, cakes or bread loaves but quality is being reinvented.

Nutrition & hygiene is the hallmark of every Malmo Product. Our chefs know the changing desires of our customers. We know the freshness & quality standards of Baking products. The development of new bakery products is now available throughout Malmo’s bakery chain.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide health and taste according to customer’s desire. Lead in quality, service and innovation, fulfilling the needs & desires of our customers and consumers through strong brands.

Mission Statement

We produce quality bakery products cost effectively; in an environment that is safe and clean. We will regularly improve all factors of our business in order to keep the long-term success of our customers and ourselves.