About Malmo Foods


Malmo Foods was incorporated in 1999s an organization. The Head Office & Plant is situated at 2-km Defence road, Off Raiwind Road Lahore. Commercial production of dry milk powder was started in 2000. The powder was introduced in the market in bulk form and in consumer packing. In year 2004, company lunched UHT packed milk and Desi Ghee in Tins. In order to improve its processes and make the system more visible and to identify the shortcomings, Malmo Foods decided to implement the concept of TQM. As an initial step, the management opted to acquire ISO 9000 certification.

In 2000, it also started production of butter and ghee for its SHEREN MEHAL Outlets with brand name "ANMOL". At start two types of powder were produced, SKIM Milk Powder & FULL CREAM Milk Powder.Later in 2001, Malmo Foods launched VEGETABLE FAT FILLED Milk Powder first time in Pakistan, which attracted many multinational companies. In 2004, Malmo Foods installed UHT & Tetra Pak and launched its product with brand name "VANIA Milk" pack size of 250ml. Malmo Foods has its distribution network in all major cities of Punjab, NWFP and Baluchistan. Major customers of Malmo Foods Powder Products are LU Biscuits, EBM, Unilever, Walls Ice Cream, Hico Ice Cream, Silver Lake Foods, Asian Foods (Mayfair), Pakistan Army and many Pharmaceutical companies.

Since 2000 Malmo Foods is working on the aspect of life to provide pesteurised milk in a healthy way. We collect best milk from its reliable resources. After its careful and different checkings procecces 'PURE & FRESH' milk is extracted and produced in the form of "VANIA" milk. Malmo Foods has other many valuable products too, mentioned below. For details follow the appropriate link.


Malmo Foods is managed by a board of Directors who have vested the control of the company operations with the Chief Executive (CE). The CE is nominated as a person with overall responsibility for all matters relating to quality. CE is supported by a number functional heads of departments, including a full time Management representative, responsible for maintenance of the ISO 9001 quality management systems.

Job descriptions define responsibilities, authorities and roiles of all key staff members, who are encouraged to initiate action to prevent non-conformances. Staff members are authorized to identify problems related to products, the process, or quality management system, and to recommend solutions through their immediate managers or through the corrective action system. All such problems are recorded, and where necessary solutions are evolved, implemented and verified. Heads of Depoartment are authorized to handle issues, which are within their own control. Where interdepartmental problems are concerned, ISO department is responsible for facilitating solutions using the Corrective and preventive Action Procedure.