Tazadum Liquid Tea Creamer

Tazadum Liquid Tea Creamer is a UHT (Ultra Heat Tested) Liquid Tea Creamer which is safely packed under six layers of solid tetrapack. You can make sure that now high level of bacterias are very far from you which can easily damage the health of young and old.

Tazadum Liquid Tea Creamer provides you the origional, pure and fresh Liquid Tea Creamer according to the international standards. ' Malmo Foods' arrange all these factors of pasteurizing Liquid Tea Creamer being in the nature , rules and regulations, so that it is called as "Gift of Nature".

Tazadum Liquid Tea Creamer no doubts creates a entirely different taste in cup of coffee or a cup of tea. We provide quality and health depends on quality of diet. Balance diet formula is present in Tazadum Liquid Tea Creamer. So we say it "Tazadum Liquid Tea Creamer is a Premier Product".

Available SKU's

Pack Size: 250 ml
Packs per tray: 27 packs
Quantity per tray: 27 x 0.250 litre = 6.75 liters

Pack Size: 200 ml
Packs per tray: 24 packs
Quantity per tray: 24 x 0.200 litre = 4.80 liters

Pack Size: 100 ml
Packs per Carton: 24 packs
Quantity per Carton: 24 x 0.100 litre = 2.40 liters